HOTT ProScission

The ProScission 12 is the most rigid, most advanced and most accurate curve sawing gang on the market for processing up to 12 inch cants. With all electric actuation and large 25 inch diameter skew bearing makes the positioning accuracy as close to perfect as you can achieve. This system is running today at 450 fpm on 12 inch Douglas Fir cants, curve sawing at a 200 ft radius on all cant thicknesses. The overhead mounting of the arbor motors on the sawbox provide extraordinary balance and control. Combined with ideal curve path controls the precise movements of the ProScission produce lumber quality and production that is unrivaled. Added features such as a no tools required one button automatic locking arbor door and on-the-fly top to bottom saw mismatch adjustments, will increase mill up time and production. Coupled with the ProFormer it is simply the best secondary breakdown solution available in the industry.

All electric curve sawing
  • All electric slew and skew axes
  • Virtually zero following error
  • Most accurate Curve Sawing Gang on the Market
  • 25” Ø 4 Point contact bearing for skew pivot
  • 3” Ø Thomson Roller Roundway bearings for slew
  • 3” Ø Ball Screws for both slew and skew axes
  • Top arbor adjusts to curve path and cant thickness
  • Shortest roll to roll distance between Cutting tools possible
  • Super short, rigid saw guide design greatly improves accuracy
Single 800 HP Motor Per Arbor
  • No Jackshafts, motors belted with Polychain directly to the arbors
  • Clutches attached to motors prevent belt Breakage
  • Single tensioner pulley per belt
  • Motors mounted close to skew axis keeps inertia low
  • All 6 outfeed rolls driven by single 140 roller chain and drivelines
Automatic Locking Arbor Door
  • No tapered bolts used to keep arbor door closed because they wear significantly resulting in poor arbor alignment
  • Much safer design, door will not open until arbors are completely stopped
  • Fail safe design, only requires power to unclamp
  • Door slides out on a linear rail and bearing, then pivots open, allowing easier handling and no door sag
  • Arbor uses pull-stud design, similar to CNC machine spindle, pulling the arbor and nose cone tapers together
  • No tools required. Arbor pull stud pushes nose cone from arbor upon release of tension (See in action)
  • No support structure below Sawbox provides a direct path for chips/sawdust to waste conveyors and eliminates areas for debris to build up
  • Top mounted linear guideways are easy to maintain
  • Designed without chip heads in Sawbox, allowing feed rolls to be close to saws and allow reliable processing of shorter cants
  • Arbor motors, mounted flat on top of Sawbox and not on their sides allows for easy motor service and replacement
  • Easily adjustable tensioners on poly chain belts that drive the arbors ensures proper tension is maintained on these belts
  • Single motor design reduces the number of poly chain belts and sprockets and eliminates jack-shafts and their bearings
  • Reduced inertia for skewing, due to motor mass being tight to skew pivot axis, allowing for faster more precise sets
  • Motor cable management improved with limited motor movement and the addition of cable track and single J-box location on frame