The ProCenter (Centering Infeed Table) is an extremely robust centering, lineal scanning infeed for the RPM ProSaw systems. Press rolls are all hydraulic with force control offering the smoothest operation on the market. The ProCenter is ideal for replacing transverse scanning and offers short scanning distances with multiple scan zones. Recovery is increased by eliminating positioning infeed by scanning being performed on the same chain that feeds cutting tools.

Smooth Operation
  • Smooth operation due to hydraulic position and force control of all axes
  • Press rolls, hold down skid and sweep chains have all been combined into one assembly
  • Press roll assemblies preset to cant thickness
  • Having the hold down skids tied to press rolls eliminates cant rolling
  • Infeed lug chain driven by servo motor giving smooth consistent cant staging
  • Centering arms take cant from lug chain at approximately the same speed as the lug chain
Low Maintenance
  • Centering Arms are tied together with large gears instead of linkages – This reduces complexity and maintenance
  • Centering arms pivot on 2-15/16”Ø shaft mounted to piloted flange bearings taking load in all directions vs. pillow blocks from the competitors
  • Like all RPM equipment, bearings are automatically lubricated with grease or oil
  • Uses drop skids instead of pans to guide the cants over the center chain – This gets rid of the complicated chain protector assemblies and linkages tied to all the pans
  • No adjusters necessary for center chain – The center chain plastic sits in a precision machined groove – Once machine is aligned, the chain never has to be adjusted
  • Center chain does not go all the way through the ProSaw – There is a separate drive that allows backing up cants on the ProCenter without affecting the flow of the gang
  • Bridge press rolls are interchangeable with combination press rolls on ProCenter
  • The flow is very consistent and steady with this machine – You can see how all the press rolls and centering arms are smooth and not slamming against the cants