Sytronix HPU

Revolutionary control systems from AMS Solutions in combination with Bosch Rexroth servo variable speed pump drives produce unmatched hydraulic performance with substantial energy savings.

SYTRONIX HPU Summerville Real Performance Machinery
Sytronix HPU Product
Sytronix HPU Product
  • Performance –¬†Near perfect pressure regulation & exceptional response to flow demands. This allows for more aggressive tuning that delivers faster, precise & deterministic motion, resulting in both higher throughput and improved recovery

  • Energy Usage – Reduced power consumption & heating; up to 90% energy savings

  • Diagnostics¬†– HPU status, leakage trending, line break detection, & pump wear monitoring

  • Simplicity – Fewer active hydraulic components; robust & long-lasting

  • Noise – Reduced audible noise for sensitive locations
Sample applications:

All performance critical hydraulic axes, including:

  • Log Turners
  • Curve Sawing Gangs